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We have been running our programmes since 2007 and have seen fantastic achievements from our students, the joys of learning are so much easier when they are simply just having fun and experiencing something rather than simply hearing about it in a classroom.


We have fabulous opportunities for those wishing to experience the UK. We facilitate English Language Training courses which include listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The students will get to do sightseeing to experience British Culture as well as staying in British homes to experience everyday life.

They will also visit local school and students and speak with them as well as being able to join in sports such as football with youths at a local youth club. By immersing themselves in local communities they will experience real lives and real culture and hopefully have fun and make friends while doing so.


For those who want to live and work in Britain we have consultant services where we help people study in the UK, find a place to live as well as helping with investments and placement opportunities in areas such as language, management, business, IT and finance.

Additionally we arrange private tours and visits for those who want to know more about the UK before they plan to settle down there. We fully help and support those who want to have a new life and experience in the UK.


Here at the Youth Ambassador’s Project we believe that by learning about each other’s cultures we encourage more acceptance and respect for all cultures and backgrounds among our students.

That is why we have the community exchange which encourages knowledge about different people’s cultures and traditions.

This also allows our students here at the center and elsewhere to be more aware of what both British and Chinese cultures have to offer, thus creating interest in wider areas such as History, Geography and perhaps also in Politics.

Social Activities Teaching English School Exchanges Are you curious about makes the UK what it is today? Are you looking to immerse yourself in British traditions? Or simply to further your career path? Then join us!