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By learning about others cultures we can celebrate diversity and by creating an encouraging environment of acceptance this supports and enables our students to have better social skills for the future.

This can help them in the future, both socially and in the work force. We hope that by inspiring positivity with each other by bringing different cultures and people together, we can make the youth of today understand that respecting diversity is beautiful and it should be embraced. Working with a large community aids in this process.

The Youth Ambassadors programme offers young people age 12+ a wonderful opportunity to contribute to overseas development while at the same time learning about other cultures and language.

Youth Ambassador participants use their own individual skills and expertise to actively contribute to the British/Chinese culture exchange.

Participants  also gain an increased understanding of the needs of international development and broaden their global vision.

Each Youth Ambassadors project requires period of time to organise. We set aside at least two weeks per participant and this preparation comprises of the following components:

We help the participants to gain an extra qualification, we do this by encouraging young people to undertake our ' Teaching English as a Foreign Language ' course in order to enhance and improve our Volunteers' contribution as well as their future for the workforce.

We assist participants to gain practical working experience; we do this by engaging young people by encouraging them to be active in their communities with voluntary work.

We ask participants to reflect on and assess their work as well as analysing the effect it has had on the communities involved.

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