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Does this sound like something you desire to be part of? Have we peaked your interest? Well then go and apply below and we will get back to you very soon.

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67 Ardwick Green North, Manchester, United Kingdom , M12 6FX

Tel: +44 161 275 9885

Email: info@youthambassadors.org.uk

Please tell us your interests regarding about China, whether it's just your love of Chinese history or your desire to learn a poetic and widely known language let us know and as a Volunteer we can help you achieve those dreams.

Are you looking forward to having an adventure in China? We organise trips through our Youth Ambassadors' Project and by helping our Volunteers learn how to 'Teach English as a Second Language', we can also organise events such as visiting the Great Wall or the Ancient Forbidden City.

Be part of our community, at Youth Ambassador's we believe that being part of a community not only aids in learning but encourages personal growth as well, learning on your own is good but learning from those around you and within a support network encourages better results and a happier learning environment.


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