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Youth Ambassadors work with overseas Chinese organisations and consider and discuss a broad range of topics that include health, environment, rural development, history, poverty, governance, education and infrastructure development. Their experience is enriched by living and working in a cross-cultural environment.


The Youth Ambassador project involves a two-week educational exchange trip to Wuhan in China, the purpose of which is to not only open students minds up to infinite possibilities but also to learn Mandarin as a foreign language. Additionally, students will gain new skills and have new experiences within a culture very different from their own.

We do this by finding an appropriate school who match up with another school in China, and then students from each country 'exchange' places, Chinese students experience England and British Students experience China including staying in Chinese homes with Chinese families to fully appreciate and experience local culture. Of course it can't all be educational; there will be wonderful sightseeing trips in China. By immersing students in the cultural history we hope to encourage more understanding as well as knowledge.


While away we feel it is important to build relationships with other students which allows for a more enjoyable time in China, as such we use social activities to encourage this by means of learning the language, trying their food and learning to cook.

Adding to the lingual and culinary side we add the learning of The Art of Calligraphy, attempting to Master the ancient Chinese martial art known as Kungfu and by expressing themselves in Chinese drama participation.

All of which allows not just a glimpse into another culture but more understanding, appreciation and respect for this foreign world.


There is a high demand for English Teachers abroad, especially in countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and in Europe. Training to become an English teacher is a great way to travel the world, experience new cultures and to meet new people. It also enhances your CV and looks impressive to future employers.

We offer people opportunities to live and work in China by teaching English, both short term and summer internships are available and are valuable teaching experiences. We offer full support and training in TEFL to those wanting to become an English Teacher. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn and embrace a language and culture while teaching others.

Career Development Community Exchange Summer Camps Are you curious about Chinese Culture? Chinese Language? Or just looking for an eye opening and educational experience? Then join us!