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Who we are

Welcome to the website for The Youth Ambassador Project, we are an organisation run by the Manchester Chinese Centre, which is itself a charity organisation based in Manchester. Our aim is to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps between the UK and China by encouraging the youth of today to be curious about not only their own cultures, but other cultures and their history. We aim to encourage young people to fulfil their potential and encourage new discoveries that can perhaps influence their lives as well as give them an opportunity to learn a new language.

How we do it

Our project’s purpose is to help young people to overcome their language and cultural barriers as well as teaching people about another country and its traditions. We will do this by not only teaching them about the place and giving them a chance to learn a new language but also by organising trips, events and activities to encourage young Chinese student to come to the UK and for UK students to venture to China. Which will not only be a life changing experience for individuals so young but also it will help them develop their knowledge and develop their ideas which can lead to career progression for them in the future.

Why choose us

Our Youth Ambassador Project is special because not only do we have specialists who offer 40 years of educational experience. We are also a recognised organisation by both Chinese and British educational institutions; we work with a number of local schools in China and in the UK. And finally we provide great opportunities for people to immerse themselves into either British or Chinese culture by arranging Summer Camps, School Exchanges, cultural activities and home stays.

To obtain a paperback print copy of Journey to the East please contact Jenny Wong at the Manchester Chinese Centre for further information on ordering a copy.

The cost of a print copy is £10 GBP, payment is accepted in Cheque payable to Manchester Chinese Centre only.

The book dimensions are: [All values are approximate]

Width 140mm

Height 210mm

Depth 12mm

Weight: 430g

Pages: 251 [Content Pages, not including Indexes]

Print Kindle PDF

The Book: Journey to the East

In Summer 2007, we launched our Youth Ambassador Project: an organised trip to Beijing and Wuhan cities, China, where our Ambassadors visited local schools and youth centres and much more. During the trip our Youth Ambassadors wrote insightful diary accounts about each day. Each account varied so greatly in opinions and personality that we decided in Spring 2008 to compile our first book:  Manchester Youth Ambassadors - Journey to the East (funded by the Big Boots and Manchester Chinese Centre).

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